Salt Looks Like Sugar

Match and Fable takes great pride in being the “anti-recruiter, recruiter”.If you’re wondering why companies choose to work with us, it comes down to consistent results … and a great experience.

We create happy clients!

Let us explain.

We aren’t recruiters … we’re headhunters!

And, while the industry tends to use these words interchangeably, let us assure you … we don’t.

Unlike the hordes of recruiters hiding behind laptops, blasting out mass emails to hundreds of candidates and hoping somebody ‘bites’ … we pick up the phone and we headhunt!

We won’t lull you to sleep with clichés professing how ‘at the end of the day’ we are ‘thought leaders’ who ‘bring our A-game’ and ‘push the envelope’ while we ‘work hard and play harder’ to create a ‘win-win situation’ … always ‘thinking outside the box’ and giving ‘110% effort’ making sure we never ‘throw anyone under the bus’.


It boils down to meticulous planning and forensic-style execution – and that’s not just lip service.

From the moment we engage on a search … the clock starts ticking. Bottom line; if a search is a priority for our client … it’s a priority for Match and Fable.

First things first … to conduct a comprehensive search, we need to understand the mandate – intimately.

We ask a lot of questions … and not just about the vacancy, but things other agencies wouldn’t consider.

Once we’ve discussed the role in depth, we weave together an intricate storyboard on the opportunity.

Based on the criteria of the role, we research the industry and its key players … and compile a list of potential candidates.

While these candidates often hail from our extensive network … we never, ever … stop there.

Next, to gauge potential fit … we reach out (individually) to these candidates and storyboard the mandate.

Finally, we move to the critical phase of in-depth interviewing.

Let’s be honest, salt looks an awful lot like sugar … and lack-luster candidates often have beautiful resumes, while fantastic candidates may not have updated theirs in years!

Our approach involves looking ‘past the paper’ … validating qualifications and mining for intangibles. We probe for experience, question accomplishments … and truly get to know the person behind the resume.

Once we’ve submitted candidates … we stay in constant communication with both client and candidate to keep everyone engaged.

It’s worth mentioning, while we may have great candidates interviewing with our clients … we absolutely won’t stop hunting, until you tell us to!

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