Match And Fable Manifesto

We wrestled with how to best communicate what Match and Fable stands for.
In the end ... we decided to simply come right out and say it - so we did.

  • … a client’s loyalty belongs to the headhunter who produces results … not the agency they happen to work for
  • … most recruitment agencies claim to be progressive … but dig a little deeper … and you might be surprised
  • … in the ‘new economy’ … conventional recruitment strategies are dead – the ‘old rules’ no longer apply
  • … the hype recruitment agencies try to create when flaunting their ‘proprietary database of candidates’ is nothing but an illusion
  • … networks built on genuine, long-standing relationships trump candidate databases – Every. Single. Time.
  • … in sending ‘fluff’ candidates to our clients to create the impression we’ve been working on their role
  • … a recruiter should be called an Executive Recruiter with only 3 days, 3 months or even 3 years … ‘on the job’
  • … in representing companies we don’t believe in – regardless of the fee
  • … talented candidates looking for a ‘work-life’ balance are lazy or unrealistic
  • … in posting ‘ghost roles’ to inflate metrics or stockpile resumes
  • … in ‘mind-games’ or ‘strong-arming’ candidates to meet clients or accept substandard offers
  • … brick and mortar offices really matter … (it’s not the 1980’s … smarter alternatives are all around us)
  • … clients value dealing with an agency, simply because they’ve been in business for 10 or 20 years
  • … job titles are meaningless … it’s impossible to determine responsibilities or competencies by virtue of a title
  • … a lot of agencies conduct superficial searches, present mediocre candidates, hope clients won’t notice … and just hire one anyways
  • … declining a search is better than working a bad one
  • … we don’t find jobs for people … we find people for jobs
  • … some leaders are incompetent and excellent people will leave … regardless of how it may ‘look’ on their resume
  • … some people are really great interviewers … but not so great when it comes to their job
  • … sometimes … hard-working, incredibly talented people get restructured

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