Our Story

Once upon a time … a group of headhunters realized the recruitment industry was broken.

With the belief, the recruitment process could be better … and infinitely smarter, we rejected the status quo … and Match and Fable was born!

Our mission is simple.
Provide a superior recruitment experience – period.

We asked our clients what they look for in the agency they choose to work with … and their feedback was overwhelming … only serving to validate what we knew to be true.

1. Clients are smarter than most recruitment agencies give them credit for.
2. Clients don’t necessarily value the things traditional recruitment agencies think they do.
3. A successful search requires; urgency, commitment, execution and communication.

Match and Fable was built on these very fundamentals!


Generally speaking, by the time an organization engages an agency … their need to fill a vacancy is pressing.
Bottom line; if a search is a priority for our client … it’s a priority for Match and Fable.


Mutual commitment is often assumed, but failure to address at the outset of a search usually proves disastrous.
If a client is willing to dedicate the necessary time to discuss the mandate in-depth … we can typically help.
Otherwise, it’s a blind search, destined to fail … and simply not worth embarking upon.


It’s not what agencies say … but rather, what they do, that matters. Best intentions and lofty promises are prevalent across the recruitment industry, but without meticulous planning and execution … you’re essentially crossing your fingers and hoping for the best! Success is built on the dozens of little things Match and Fable does, and when it comes to the finer details … you could say, we’re a bit fanatic.


To ensure the best possible outcome … an open line of communication is non-negotiable. Throughout the process … we’ll keep you up-to-date on the progress of the search. If elements of the search need to change … we’ll adjust. You’ll never need to chase us … we won’t go ‘dark’ … and you’ll never wonder where your search stands. One last thing. While most agencies won’t ‘go there’ … at Match and Fable, we believe in providing candid feedback. While these can sometimes be awkward discussions … smart clients want to know what the candidate market is saying about their brand.

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