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ARITHMOPHOBIA ($55,000 – $75,000)

There’s a term for people who have an irrational fear of numbers – it’s called ‘arithmophobia’! We’ve all heard of superstitions with the number 13 (unlucky) or say, 666 (the sign of the devil). However, true ‘arithmophobes’ fear all kinds of numbers – especially complex math equations. So, what does this have to do with Match and Fable’s latest role? Nothing really.

That said, if you’re an ‘arithmophobe’ this definitely is NOT the position for you! And, while we have your attention, Chantel Nightingale is looking for a Senior Accounting Technician in Hamilton.

Over more than 3 decades, our client has established themselves as one of Hamilton’s leading accounting firms. Truth is, they’re busier than a house on fire and they need a Senior Accounting Technician to help them manage their workload. The working environment is fantastic. You’ll be busy and you’ll learn a lot – and you’ll have a genuine opportunity to grow within the firm. Bottom line: they take care of the employees who take care of them – your effort will not go unnoticed! POSITION: SENIOR ACCOUNTING TECHNICIAN LOCATION: HAMILTON INDUSTRY: ACCOUNTING RESPONSIBILITIES:

§ Perform accounting duties + coach and mentor junior accountants with tasks such as recording revenues, preparing bank reconciliations, and processing customer bills

§ Assist small business clients with daily accounting inquiries

§ Prepare advanced corporate tax returns and financial statements

§ Assist and prep of personal tax returns

§ Produce customized financial reports – upon client request

§ Prepare and file external documents such as T4s, T5s, and HST/EHT returns

§ Regular interaction with Manager and Partners to provide updates

§ Identify and correct financial discrepancies and irregularities

§ Communicate with clients, government agencies, and other businesses

§ Attend internal and external training to improve accounting knowledge


§ 2+ years of experience with a public accounting firm working with owner-managed clients

§ Bachelor's degree in Accounting, (or equivalent diploma or experience)

§ Strong leadership and project management skills

§ Cultural awareness and ability to work well in a team + excellent time and task management abilities

§ Knowledge of QuickBooks and TaxPrep, or similar accounting software

§ Full-cycle bookkeeping experience + solid understanding of business, accounting, and bookkeeping principles

§ Strong written and verbal communication skills for effective messaging and information gathering.

§ Professionalism and ability to establish good relationships with clients and external contacts.

§ Experience with owner-managed small to mid-size businesses, as well as not-for-profits – also desirable.


BASE SALARY: $55,000 – $75,000 OTHER: benefits + rrsp program + flexible work arrangements + vacation


1: Email your resume to Chantel Nightingale at;

2: Ensure your subject line reads; ARITHMOPHOBIA – 29C23MTCHFBL.

3: Based on the job description … please explain how you are a fit for this position.

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