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BAKER’S DOZEN ($55,000 – $70,000)

In 13th century England, a contingent of bakers were found to be duping their customers when it came to the baked goods they were selling. In a nutshell, they were overpricing undersized loaves. When King Henry III caught wind of the matter, he passed a strict law, bringing the shady practice to an end. The punishment consisted of hefty fines and the genuine possibility of a public flogging. The problem was, even with careful planning, it was difficult for bakers to ensure all their baked goods were the exact same size – as some of them didn’t even own scales! To avoid a beating, bakers would toss an extra baked good into the bag whenever a customer ordered a dozen. And that is where the term – a Baker’s Dozen originated! What does this have to do with Match and Fable’s latest role? Nothing at all!

Now that we have your attention, we’d like to direct you to Jeanne Agius’ latest role – a Senior Specialist in the GTA. The role offers the flexibility of ~75% work from home! POSITION: SENIOR SPECIALIST



· Maintain a strong understanding of the evolving 360 media landscape and actively foster relationships with relevant media and influencers

· Provide support on day-to-day client communications and serve as an effective account lead on select accounts with limited support from Account Manager

· Develop media and influencer lists, and pitch effectively to deliver exceptional program results

· Negotiate influencer contracts or seed influencers for program campaigns

· Develop press releases, media advisories, key messages and editorial calendars

· Coordinate events with ninja-like precision and attention to detail

· Participate in new business pitches

· Track hours and expenses


· Postgraduate degree in Public Relations, Marketing Communications, Journalism, Business or similar background

· 2 – 3 years of directly related experience; an agency background is ideal

· Ninja -or- magician -or- wordsmith -or- dreamer -or- unicorn – one or more of these five apply to you!

· Possess strong written + verbal communication skills; strong technical and creative writing skills are a must

· Strong media relations skills and relationships + track record of successfully delivering measurable results

· Excellent organizational skills necessary to manage multiple projects within established deadlines


SALARY: $55,000 – $70,000

OTHER: benefits + hybrid WFH set-up + vacation (+ you get your birthday off work!) WHAT NOW? If you’re qualified for this role … the ball is in your court.

1: Email your resume to Jeanne Agius at;

2: Ensure the subject line reads; BAKER’S DOZEN – (4J22MTCHFBL)

3: Based on the job description, explain how you are qualified for this role.

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