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EXTRA EXTRA ($65,000 – $90,000)

Long ago, before the internet, television and radio, the single source of information for most people was the good old newspaper. And while we’ve all heard the saying “Extra! Extra! Read all about it” – most people don’t know how this phrase came into existence. You see, newspapers were published daily. And, in order to be printed, there needed to be a deadline – so publishers could send it off to the presses. As we all know, the world doesn’t turn based on publishing schedules. Often, major events (deaths of Presidents or declarations of war) occurred – post deadline. As such, newspapers would publish an extra edition. Paperboys would shout the phrase on street corners to drum-up enthusiasm and ultimately – sell more papers! What does this have to do with Match and Fable’s latest role? Nothing, really. That said, Janna French has a great opportunity for a Logistics Coordinator in Edmonton or Calgary. POSITION: LOGISTICS COORDINATOR LOCATION: CALGARY OR EDMONTON RESPONSIBILITIES:

  • Revenue generation via impeccable customer service patterning + front-line communications

  • Utilize a “hunter” mindset to effectively find both freight & carriers

  • Work with various departments, vendors + carriers to launch, optimize and deliver on existing client needs

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the Canadian & American FTL & Heavy Haul trucking marketplace

  • Build lasting partnerships with clients + act as a key ambassador of the organization


  • 2+ years’ experience in Freight Logistics, 3PL, FL, LTL, Air, Ocean, Customs, Specialized + Over Dimensional

  • Motivated, well organized, able to work in high-pressure, ever-changing environments and effectively / collaborate with various vendors, carriers, departments

  • Strong analytical & problem-solving skill sets

  • Solid understanding of Canadian and USA geography, marketplace trends in the transportation industry

  • Effective communicative skill sets

  • Strong ability to source freight opportunities & match that freight to carriers


SALARY RANGE: $65,000 – $90,000 OTHER: benefits + vacation + rrsp QUALIFIED?

1: Email your resume to Janna French at; 2: Ensure the subject line reads; EXTRA EXTRA – (8G22MTCHFBL) 3: Based on the job description … explain how you are a fit for this role.

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