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NICKY-NICKY 9 DOOR ($190,000 – $200,000+)

Growing up in my neighbourhood in “the Hammer”, there came a time, usually around the age of 10 or 11, when you decided you didn’t want to be looked upon as just a ‘kid’ anymore. And the only way to gain the ‘street cred’ that required was the terrifying rite of passage called, ‘Nicky-Nicky 9 Door’. Now, ‘Nicky-Nicky 9 Door’ (also referred to as – ‘Ding-Dong-Ditch’) had four fixed rules: RULE #1: It had to ‘go down’ on a Saturday night – and only after dark. (So, if your parents insisted you had to be home “when the streetlights came on” – you pretty much disqualified yourself!) RULE #2: You couldn’t rock a shortcut and knock on the screen door – it had to be the ‘real’ door! (Having to open the screen door burned precious seconds … thus, increasing the odds of getting pinched.) RULE #3: You had to knock super hard – 3 distinct times. (Ringing the doorbell, while knocking would elevate you to legendary status!) RULE #4: You couldn’t pick the house yourself – that was decided for you! (It was usually a house with a nearly rabid dog … or heaven forbid, the house everyone insisted was haunted.) I personally accomplished the task 3 days before my 11th birthday. PS: I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to Mrs. Walchuk! So, what does this have to do with Match and Fable’s latest role? Absolutely nothing! That said, while you’re here, allow us to tell you about Match and Fable’s latest! Our client builds wicked, AI powered software and they’re the “toast of the town” in their industry! Their software helps their clients (consisting of insurers, across the globe) to detect fraud. Due to explosive growth, they need a talented Bilingual Solution Engineer (Pre-Sales) to help with the rush! POSITION:      BILINGUAL SOLUTIONS ENGINEER (PRE-SALES) LOCATION:     EASTERN CANADA (100% WFH + TRAVEL) INDUSTRY:      INSURANCE / SaaS RESPONSIBILITIES:

  1. Primary responsibility of the Solutions Engineer is to “help the customer buy”

  2. Support target clients to make the right buying decisions + build a trust-based relationship

  3. Understand client needs and support this ability with superior technical & functional skills

  4. Demos (50% of the time) + client interaction (20% of the time) + customizing presentations + running PoC’s + RFP’s + attending conferences

  5. Prepare & translate data into insights for target clients to demonstrate the value

  6. Strategize with Sales Director on best way to approach target accounts


  1. Must be bilingual (English and French)

  2. 5+ years’ proven experience in a Solutions Engineer / Pre-Sales role

  3. Data Science + Data Analytics knowledge

  4. SUPER NICE TO HAVE: Insurance or SaaS industry experience

  5. Ability to ‘talk tech’ with developers and ‘talk business’ with clients

  6. Ability to ask ‘clever’ questions to effectively extract client’s real needs

  7. Experience analyzing data + translating the analytics into the business

  8. Entrepreneurial mindset + savvy business sense + a great sense of humour

  9. Some travel (primarily Canada with USA + Europe every now and then)

  10. Experience with this kind of stuff; AI + Machine Learning + Sequel Scripting + Python + APIs + Microsoft Azure / Amazon AWS + Kubernetes + Server “Stuff” + JASON + Data Security (*nice to have)


BASE SALARY: $140,000 – $150,000 ON-TARGET VARIABLE: $50,000 (uncapped) ON-TARGET EARNINGS: $190,000 – $200,000 OTHER: 100% WFH + benefits + rrsp + 3 weeks’ vacation QUALIFIED & INTERESTED? If you’re qualified (and interested) … this is what happens next;

1. Email your resume to Mark at; 2. Ensure subject line reads; NICKY-NICKY 9 DOOR – 24E22MTCHFBL 3. Based on the description … explain how your experience qualifies you for this role.

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