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As the story goes, the world’s first restaurant opened in Paris, in 1765.

Mr. Boulanger, a soup salesman, turned tavern keeper, opened its doors with a single-item on the menu – sheep’s feet simmered in white sauce!

Unlike other food-type businesses operating at the time, such as taverns (alcohol) and cafes (coffee) … his business focused on food. Naturally, the idea of ‘going out to eat’ was a foreign notion – as people had always eaten meals at home.

Here’s the interesting part; Boulanger claimed his special dish would restore people’s health.

And it just so happens, the French word for ‘restore’ is, ‘restaurer’.

You can thank us later because now you know how the word ‘restaurant’ came to be!

By the way, a local food union sued Boulanger for infringing on their right to sell cooked food. The union ended up losing their case and the years that followed saw restaurants pop up all across France.

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