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SNAKE OIL ($80,000 – $85,000)

Clark Stanley was born in Abilene, Texas in 1854. After a decade as a cowboy, he claimed he spent two years studying alongside a Hopi medicine man in Arizona. During his “apprenticeship”, Stanley claimed he was introduced to the medicinal properties of snake oil. Stanley began peddling his own version of Snake Oil Liniment at medicine shows across America. A consummate showman, Stanley would stand before a crowd, kill a few snakes, and mix his potion … as mesmerized onlookers opened their wallets, paying 50 cents per bottle – (about $20 in 2022). He claimed his cure-all treated virtually anything – from headaches to arthritis to sciatica! The “Rattlesnake King” eventually established production facilities in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Short story shorter, in 1917 federal investigators seized a shipment of Stanley’s concoction and found it to contain mineral oil, a fatty oil, red pepper and turpentine – and not even one single drop of snake oil! Stanley was fined $20 for “misbranding” his product as a pain remedy and ‘slithered’ away into oblivion. What does this have to do with Match and Fable’s latest role? Well, nothing really.

That said, now that we have your attention, we’d like to tell you about Match and Fable’s latest role. Mate Pavkovic is looking for a Patent Clerk in Toronto. (The role is based 70% WFH). SUMMARY: The Patent Clerk will coordinate both internally and externally for the patent application process by: 1. Preparing and executing clients’ instructions for patent application. 2. Informing and coordinating next steps in the application process. The Patent Clerk will have experience in a high-volume setting, be able to execute clients’ directives and track clients’ applications in the CIPO, WIPO, and USPTO application systems. The Patent Clerk will be familiar with Application Data Sheets, Power of Attorney, Information Disclosure, and Assignment documents. Additionally, the Patent Clerk will need to coordinate meetings, organize the application process for clients and company partners, open and close client files, have experience in billing and keep track of client information.


  • Prepare and file Canadian, PCT and US Applications (Convention Priority, Divisional & National Phase Entry) including Application Data Sheet, Power of Attorney, Information Disclosure Form, and Assignment Docs

  • Have experience with CIPO, WIPO, and USPTO electronic filing systems

  • Prepare office action responses to challenges that arise during prosecution of their patents

  • Process, review, report and help navigate the client through the prosecution documentation

  • Track and advise clients re: next steps, due dates, and execute the client’s instructions

  • Coordinate meetings, track e-files, open / close client files, maintain client contact information and billings

  • Advise internally about clients’ application process


  • 3+ years’ experience in a similar role – in a high-volume work environment

  • Excellent collaboration skills + ability to work independently

  • Attention to detail and working knowledge of IP docketing and billing software

  • Proficient in Microsoft Suite of products

  • Excellent communication skills both written and spoken


SALARY: $80,000 – $85,000 OTHER: health benefits + rrsp + 70% work from home + 3 weeks’ vacation INTERESTED & QUALIFIED?

1: Email your resume to Mate Pavkovic at; 2: Ensure the subject line reads; SNAKE OIL – 7G22MTCHFBL. 3: Based on the job description, tell Mate specifically, why you’re a fit for this role.

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