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THE 20 MINUTE KING ($85,000 – $95,000)

Louis XIX, (better known as Louis Antoine), never officially became the king of France. That said, he was next in line for the throne after his father, Charles X, gave up the crown during France’s July Revolution in 1830. Supporters of Charles X declared Louis Antoine as king, but his time on the throne was brief (to put it mildly). In a matter of only 20 minutes, he chose to abdicate in favour of his nephew, the Duke of Bordeaux, who was considered more suitable to rule France. As a result, Louis XIX's reign never truly began and he is not considered a legitimate king of France. For the record, the nephew didn’t fare much better – presiding over the country for a mere 7 days before being replaced by the parliament’s hand chosen successor – Louis Philippe! What does this have to do with Match and Fable’s latest role?

Nothing, really!

That said, while we have your attention, Chantel Nightingale is looking for a Supervisor Accounting & Assurance in Hamilton. This individual’s primary responsibilities include a focus on providing and reviewing high-quality accounting, assurance, to team members, clients as well as consulting services to clients. POSITION: SUPERVISOR, ACCOUNTING & ASSURANCE LOCATION: HAMILTON INDUSTRY: ACCOUNTING RESPONSIBILITIES:

§ Prepare engagement deliverables such as financial statements, letters, and communications.

§ Review and correct accounting and assurance engagement files and financial statements.

§ Review the work in progress of assigned staff members, providing feedback to ensure high-quality control.

§ Assist with technical accounting issues and be a point of contact for audit and accounting assistance.

§ Prepare and review corporate and personal tax returns.

§ Maintain communication and relationships with clients, the Canada Revenue Agency, lawyers, and bankers.

§ Contribute to the development of new ideas and approaches to improve work processes.


§ Bachelor's Degree in Accounting (or equivalent degree).

§ Minimum of 4 years of experience in public practice.

§ Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation.

§ Advanced accounting, auditing, and tax skills.

§ Experience with CaseWare, Caseview, and TaxPrep – an asset.

§ Strong commitment to professional and client service excellence.

§ Strong interest in coaching and development, with a commitment to personal growth.

§ Proven ability to deliver the full cycle of project management accountabilities.

§ Superior verbal and written communication skills.

§ Ability to prioritize tasks and manage multiple deadlines + work flexible hours.


BASE SALARY: $85,000 – $95,000 OTHER: benefits + rrsp program + flexible work arrangements + vacation


1: Email your resume to Chantel Nightingale at;

2: Ensure your subject line reads; THE 20 MINUTE KING – 31C23MTCHFBL.

3: Based on the job description … please explain how you are a fit for this position.

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