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THE HAPSBURG NAPKIN ($90,000 – $110,000)

Odds are, you’ve never heard of it.

And even if you have, it is one of the world’s best kept secrets.

The Hapsburg Napkin’s origins trace back to the dining halls of Austro-Hungarian royalty.

Believe it or not, the instructions for the ‘royal act’ of folding the napkin are considered a top government secret in Austria! And, while many have desperately tried to ‘crack the code’ … to date, no one has succeeded.

It’s believed, only two people in the entire world know the intricate directions and, they’ve sworn an oath to protect the mystery – at all costs!

There are no written instructions, anywhere. Go ahead … try and google it!

In fact, the secret is passed to a new individual only once death is imminent for one of the secret holders!

What does this have to do with Match and Fable’s latest role?

Not much really!

That said, while you’re here, for Jeanne Agius’ latest mandate she is looking for a Marketing Director for our wonderful client who is in the Korean and Japanese Beauty & Lifestyle market. POSITION: MARKETING DIRECTOR




· Define and unify brand strategy, vision, and community communication strategy with leadership team

· Lead the Marketing team

· Oversee and analyze performance and execution of marketing campaigns

· Create unique outside-of-the-box marketing campaigns

· Organize the marketing calendar

· Lead the execution of owned (email, social, etc.) and paid content (ads, content creators, etc.) with team

· Ensure all product campaigns are brought to life, as intended REQUIREMENTS:

· 2+ years of marketing leadership experience

· Expert on evolving trends in the niche and inherently knows “what sells”

· Deep knowledge of K-Beauty trends (makeup + skincare)

· Tik Tok enthusiast

· Self-directed and adaptable + thoughtful and critical communicator

· Team and results-oriented + high standard for visual presentation and tone

· Strong analytical skills


BASE SALARY: $90,000 – $110,000

OTHER: benefits + vacation + excellent culture WHAT NOW? If you’re qualified for this role … the ball is in your court.

1: Email your resume to Jeanne Agius at;

2: Ensure the subject line reads; HAPSBURG NAPKIN (16H22MTCHFBL)

3: Based on the job description … explain how you are a fit for this role.

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