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THE LEGEND OF MARGORIE McCALL ($175,000 – $187,000)

In 1705, in Lurgan, Ireland, a woman named Margorie McCall took ill and died.

Uncertain of what had led to her untimely demise, and how contagious it was, Margorie was swiftly buried!

Word quickly spread that due to swelling, her husband was unable to remove a ring from his wife’s hand.

The next evening, two unscrupulous grave-robbers, shovels in hand, entered the gates of Shankill Cemetery.

They located Margorie’s grave and got to work.

Digging away, they eventually opened the casket and feverishly tried to pry the ring from Margorie’s finger.

It soon became clear, the only way to remove the ring was to cut her finger off! As they drew ‘first blood’, Margorie awoke from her coma, sat up and let out a blood-curdling scream!

The terrified duo fled as a bewildered Margorie climbed out of the hole – and headed for home.

When her husband, John heard a knock at the door, he turned to his children and said, “If your mother were still alive, I’d swear that was her knock.”

As he opened the door, he found his wife, dressed in her burial clothes – fresh blood dripping from her finger.

John suffered an instant heart attack and dropped dead on the spot.

He was buried in the exact plot Margorie had just vacated!

What does this have to do with Match and Fable’s latest role?

Not much, really.

That said, if you’ve got what we’re looking for, you may really ‘dig’ this opportunity!

Match and Fable’s client is looking for a Director, Human Resources, in the GTA. This individual will lead a team of HR and Recruiting professionals – supporting our client’s Canadian business operations.


The Director, HR will implement the strategic direction with a focused, ‘hands-on’ approach. They will ensure compliance with labour laws and regulations, manage employee relations, handle legal actions, and oversee various HR projects. They will also be responsible for field auditing, identifying training needs, implementing retention strategies, and directing recruitment activities. Reporting to the Regional President, this position leads a team of 5 managers – cascading to a total team of 40. The team consists of Human Resources and Recruiting professionals and requires a well-rounded HR professional with a particular ‘knack’ for Labour Relations + Recruitment. POSITION: DIRECTOR, HUMAN RESOURCES INDUSTRY: SECURITY / PROTECTIVE SERVICES OFFICE: MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO


· Lead and implement strategic direction to the regional HR team, including coaching and development.

· Create, implement, and monitor employee policies and procedures to ensure compliance.

· Provide HR support for employee and labour relations issues.

· Manage Collective Bargaining Agreements and maintain union relationships.

· Conduct investigations into labour law complaints and represent the company in legal actions.

· Execute HR projects and identify opportunities for automation and improved compliance.

· Oversee field auditing and compliance.

· Identify training and development needs for HR teams and recruitment staff.

· Report recruitment data to the Regional President.

· Direct recruitment activities and ensure effective processes, sourcing tactics, and community sources.

· Hire and train recruiters and recruitment support staff.

· ~15% travel required.


· Professional HR certification supported by 7+ years of HR and recruiting managerial experience.

· MUST HAVE: Knowledge of labour laws + experience in labour relations and recruitment.

· MUST HAVE: Experience fostering a healthy relationship with unions.

· MUST HAVE: Experience supporting a large labour force (4,000+ employees).

· MUST HAVE: Experience working with unions + collective bargaining agreements.

· VERY NICE TO HAVE: Experience in regulated service industries.


SALARY: $140,000 – $150,000 BONUS (MBO): $28,000 – $30,000 ON-TARGET EARNINGS: $175,000 – $187,000 OTHER: benefits + rrsp + car allowance ($7,000) + gas card + vacation WHAT NOW? If you’re qualified for this role … the ball is in your court.

1: Email your resume to Mark Krpan at;

2: Ensure subject line reads; THE LEGEND OF MARGORIE McCALL – 8H23MTCHFBL

3: Based on the job description … explain how you are a fit for this role.


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