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THE TURK ($100,000 – $130,000)

In 1770, to entertain the Archduchess of Austria – Maria Theresa, Hungarian inventor, Wolfgang von Kempelen created a machine. A machine, the likes of which, the world had never imagined – much less, seen before. It came to be known as ‘The Turk’, and consisted of a life-size, human-like figure seated at a large wooden desk. The cabinet below contained a maze of machinery, allowing it to play chess – without human involvement. For 84 years, ‘The Turk’ toured Europe and America, defeating most of its opponents and mystifying onlookers.

Even Benjamin Franklin (Founding Father of the USA) and Napoleon Bonaparte (General and Emperor of France) faced off against ‘The Turk’ – and lost!

Before each of its matches, the organizer would open the cabinets and lift ‘The Turk’’s cloak, to reveal the inner machinery, and ‘prove’ there was no human hiding under the robe. For nearly a century, the operators of ‘The Turk’ claimed the chess player was entirely mechanical. However, in 1854, after the machine was destroyed in a fire, the son of the machine’s final owner published a series of essays in Chess Monthly explaining ‘The Turk’ was an elaborate hoax! It had in fact, housed a human chess player who folded himself inside the cabinet and maneuvered the chess pieces!

What does this have to do with Match and Fable’s latest role? Nothing at all!

Now that we have your attention, we’d like to direct you to Jeanne Agius’ latest role – a Lead Software Engineer in Montreal. The role offers the flexibility of 80% work from home! POSITION: LEAD SOFTWARE ENGINEER REPORTS TO: SENIOR PRODUCT MANAGER


· Lead the software development team, setting goals and objectives – ensuring they are achieved

· Collaborate with internal teams, including engineers, product managers and UX to develop functional and high-quality mobile + web applications

· Be the lead on all technical issues and questions related to software development

· Be the lead on all software projects; providing solutions, technical expertise and ensuring compatibility among all platforms & tools

· Lead the team through technical challenges, ensuring the latest technologies and systems are being used, guarantee a high level of quality and be able to truly think outside the box

· Stay up to date with latest trends and technologies in software development + implement, as appropriate

· Participate in code reviews + ensure code is maintainable, well-documented and follows best practices


· ~6+ years’ experience in software development

· Experience leading a team with strong capacity for leadership, communication + constructive feedback

· Experience with system architecture (a plus)

· BSc degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or relevant field

· Comfortable with Agile methodologies and tools – such as JIRA

· Demonstrable portfolio of released apps on App Store / Android Market

· Knowledge of multiple back-end languages including (C#, Java, Python) + JavaScript frameworks, specifically Strapi

· Familiarity with databases (MySQL, MongoDB) + web servers (e.g., Apache)

· Proficient in several programming languages like Swift, XCode, Java, Kotlin, etc ...

· Knowledge of tools such as Bitbucket, Firebase, Google Analytics

· Experience working with Mapbox & Google Maps (a plus)

· Experience working with connected devices, Bluetooth, IoT & motor controllers (preferred)

· Deep understanding of frameworks & formats such as RESTful Webservices, JSON, etc. (preferred)


· Experience with system architecture (a plus)

· Excellent analytical skills + a solid problem-solving attitude

· Desire to challenge status-quo and develop new ideas or approaches that haven’t been considered

· Keen to both learn and teach – leadership comes from all levels of the organization

· Willingness to try new approaches or accept ideas from other members on the team.

· Fluency in English; written and spoken.

· Working hours based on the Montreal time zone (that’s Eastern time)!


SALARY: $100,000 – $130,000

OTHER: Unlimited PTO (2 weeks minimum vacation, + 1 week during winter holidays) + Private Health Insurance for employees and their families + Stock Options + Scooter for personal use during summer + Metro Pass reimbursement during winter + Health & Dental Insurance WHAT NOW? If you’re qualified for this role … the ball is in your court.

1: Email your resume to Jeanne Agius at;

2: Ensure the subject line reads; THE TURK – 14A23MTCHFBL

3: Based on the job description, explain how you are qualified for this role.

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