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WAKE-UP CALL ($70,000 – $75,000)

In 18th century Britain, alarm clocks were a luxury (but they were still unreliable and quite expensive!) Nevertheless, people had to make sure they woke up on-time to get to work!

So, what did they do?

Well, they did what everyone else in their neighbourhood was doing, silly!

They hired a ‘Knocker-Upper’.

The Knocker-Upper’s job was to walk up and down the street, rousing his clientele from their slumber.

This individual would carry a baton and knock on clients’ doors.

For those clients who lived on higher floors, they’d use a long bamboo stick, to reach their bedroom windows.

The Knocker-Upper wouldn’t leave until they were certain their client had climbed out of bed.

In return for his services, the Knocker-Upper was paid a few pence per week. What we’re left wondering is – whose job it was to wake the Knocker-Upper?

What does this have to do with Match and Fable’s latest role?

Not much, really! That said, if you’re a Corporate PR Account Manager in the GTA, let this be your wake-up call to a pretty great opportunity. The role offers the flexibility of ~75% work from home. For more details, contact, Jeanne Agius. POSITION: CORPORATE PR ACCOUNT MANAGER



· Manage day-to-day client communications + serve as an effective account lead across multiple accounts with limited senior support

· Manage junior staff and provide day-to-day mentoring + constructive feedback to nurture growth and elevate development

· Maintain a strong understanding of the evolving 360 media landscape and actively foster relationships with relevant media

· Develop communications strategies to help clients achieve objectives

· Develop crisis management strategies to help clients manage crisis

· Assist in media training of clients + provide strategic client counsel on internal / external communications

· Manage and reconcile large program budgets effectively, ensuring accurate billing of time and hard costs

· Participate in new business pitches


· Postgraduate degree in Public Relations, Marketing Communications, Journalism, Business or similar background

· 3 to 5 years of directly related experience – please note: an agency background is a must

· Experience working with corporate accounts/clients; corporate communications experience is a must

· Excellent written and verbal communication skills; strong technical and creative writing skills are a must

· Strong media relations skills and relationships + track record of successfully delivering measurable results

· Excellent organizational skills necessary to manage multiple projects within established deadlines

· Impeccable attention to detail, including spelling, grammar, and punctuation

· A self-starter – not afraid to take on new tasks and run with them

· Evidence of leadership qualities and ability to demonstrate poise and professionalism


SALARY: $70,000 – $75,000

OTHER: benefits + hybrid WFH set-up + vacation + cell allowance WHAT NOW? If you’re qualified for this role … the ball is in your court.

1: Email your resume to Jeanne Agius at;

2: Ensure the subject line reads; WAKE-UP CALL – (1I22MTCHFBL)

3: Based on the job description, explain how you are qualified for this role.

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