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YOU GIVE ME FEVER ($70,000 – $85,000)

In 1847, Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis noticed ladies giving birth in a maternity clinic in Vienna were dying at an alarming rate!

The deaths were attributed to an ailment dubbed, “childbed fever” – but Semmelweis wasn’t buying it.

Upon investigation he discovered women treated in the doctors’ ward were dying 5x more often than those in the midwives’ clinic.

He quickly determined doctors were conducting autopsies, as well as delivering babies! To make matters far worse, these doctors often moved directly from one procedure to the next – spreading infection from dead bodies to maternity ward patients!

To halt transmission, Semmelweis introduced simple disinfection procedures. Maternity wards were to be kept clean and doctors were required to wash their hands. As a result, the rate of “childbed fever” plummeted.

Despite its effectiveness, his solution was ridiculed by many doctors, who considered it insulting to be required to wash their hands!

The relentless criticism eventually led Dr. Semmelweis to suffer a nervous breakdown.

He ended up in a mental asylum – and died, in 1865.

Ironically, his cause of death was ruled; sepsis – the very thing that had killed all those women in the maternity ward! What does this have to do with Match and Fable’s latest role?

Nothing, really.

That said, we’re excited to tell you about Jeanne Agius’ latest role. She’s looking for a Digital Marketing Manager.

Head Office is in Guelph and the role offers hybrid work flexibility! The Digital Marketing Manager will assist in growing the digital marketing strategy across the organization to drive measurable business results. Our client is looking for a creative mind to be focused on, paid search, email and display performance, prioritizing existing clients, acquiring more clients that ‘look like’ the current ones and driving net new client acquisitions.




§ Develop client-centric email strategies based on data driven customer needs, company goals, and analytics

§ Collaborate with digital marketing, content and design teams to conceptualize and build email executions that will fulfill a client need while advancing business and marketing objectives

§ Manage end-to-end email campaign production and execution, including KPI identification, campaign set up, list segmentation, automated trigger campaigns, deployment and reporting

§ Manage troubleshooting of HTML rendering and coding issues to optimize inbox email delivery and work closely with technical teams to ensure successful implementation of deliverability best practices

§ Manage new client-centric email strategies to improve overall channel performance, including creative optimization, A/B Split testing, and developing automated and triggered campaigns

§ Manage email deliverability, ensuring high inbox deliverability rate for all email campaigns

§ Partner with marketing analytics team to report on campaigns on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and ad hoc basis

§ Remain informed on industry trends, new offerings + interactive technologies with emphasis on email personalization

§ Innovate around emerging digital opportunities, including staying on top of the newest ad tech companies, and working with digital and data techniques like cookie pooling, hashed email – among others

§ Track / report performance of email campaigns + optimization initiatives to leadership and organization


§ Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent work experience in email marketing)

§ Passion for customer-centric email marketing, customer segmentation, and building and launching KPI specific email campaigns

§ Strong quantitative and analytical skills – able to quantify and execute data-driven outcomes

§ 4+ years of experience in high volume email marketing, preferably B2B, using a top tier ESP (ie. Epsilon, Responsys, or Salesforce/Exact Target)

§ Working knowledge of maintaining IP and Domain reputations

§ Strong collaborative + team working skills, including providing constructive input in a team environment

§ Industry knowledge – newest trends, new technologies, email personalization

§ Strong understanding of email + CRM best practices, ie. CAN-SPAM laws, content creation, list management and targeting, knowledge of dynamic content and campaign automation

§ Excellent communication (verbal and written) skills

§ Ability to juggle multiple projects and priorities in a fast-paced, results oriented environment

§ Proactive, can-do approach to problem-solving

§ Ability to influence toward productive outcomes without having formal authority over partners.

§ Experience testing email message rendering across email clients, browsers and computer/mobile devices

§ Familiarity with segmentation, complex data-schemas, and email delivery processes


BASE SALARY: $70,000 – $85,000 OTHER: benefits + pension plan + hybrid work flexibility + 20 days’ vacation + paid m(p)aternity / leave

QUALIFIED & INTERESTED? If you’re interested (and qualified) … this is what happens next;

1. Email your resume to Jeanne Agius at;

2. Ensure subject line reads; YOU GIVE ME FEVER – 23B23MTCHFBL

3. Based on the description, please explain how your experience qualifies you for this role.

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