We're Good Different

If you’ve dealt with recruitment agencies in the past … you’ll quickly realize Match and Fable is different.

And, by different … we mean ‘good’ different. If you came to our website looking for the latest tips on “How to Land Your Next Great Career” or “How to Ace That Interview” … you’re out of luck!
Let’s face it … there are far too many agencies ‘out there’ regurgitating the same, mind-numbing content.

We also won’t try to hoodwink you into providing us with your email address – in exchange for ‘premium access’ to a ‘Top Secret’ White Paper.
We simply don’t have time for those ‘smoke and mirror’ tactics.

What we will do is ... treat you with respect, be transparent in our dealings … and help you … if we can.


First off, we aren’t recruiters … we’re headhunters!
And, while the industry tends to use these words interchangeably – we certainly do not.

Although recruitment is a key function of Human Resources … we are absolutely not HR.
We also aren’t guidance counselors, resume writers or psychiatrists.
We don’t find jobs for people … we find people for jobs.

Trust us … we’d love to place every candidate we connect with. In fact, we’d also like to place their neighbour … and second cousin, twice removed! Truth is, it just doesn’t work that way … and anyone who tells you otherwise, is misleading you. Our clients engage us on targeted searches with precise requirements. It’s our job to find candidates who fit that profile. At times, our clients may consider candidates with transferable skills … but often, they won’t. We see a lot of roles and we know a lot of people. If we don’t know you yet … what are you waiting for?

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