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Historically, the stigma associated with moving from one organization to another was real.

People joined a company and often stayed with them until retirement.

At most, they moved between two or three companies over their entire career.

In recent years, a shift in priorities has transformed the job market landscape.

Strong professionals refuse to “sit in purgatory,” hating their jobs (or their managers) – but too anxious their resume will look ‘jumpy’ if they leave too soon.

Today, you have options.

You deserve a company that treats you fairly and recognizes your contribution.

You deserve to be happy.

Your story matters.


Your Story Matters

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Save your money and buy yourself something nice on Amazon. You don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars for a professional to fix your resume. Block out a few hours and a big cup of coffee – and do it yourself!

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Years ago, our founder, Mark Krpan, created a resume template which has been copied and used by thousands of people (even other recruitment agencies have shared it as their own).

Recently, Mark made that resume template even better!
Click the icon to download the doc.

Sample Resume

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