Why Match And Fable?

How can Match and Fable help with your job search?
It comes down to the ‘now’ and the ‘not yet’.


At Match and Fable, we invest a ton of effort on our roles.
Our sole objective; to eliminate as much guesswork as possible.

As a candidate … we know it’s beyond frustrating to read posting after posting of intentionally vague or mind numbingly boring job descriptions.
A lot of times, it’s a guessing game … just trying to determine if the role is one you’d actually want?

How many job descriptions have you read promising a “competitive base salary” or an “attractive bonus structure”?
What does that even mean?

Unlike the majority of our ‘competition’ … we reveal everything we possibly can about our mandates!
We paint a picture detailing; company culture, industry, responsibilities, qualifications and remuneration.

If you’re wondering what we’re working on … check out our OPEN ROLES PAGE … and if something looks like a fit, please reach out. If nothing ‘wets your whistle’ right now … subscribe to our feed and receive alerts, as new roles become available.


If you’re not quite ready to make a move … and just want to talk about future options – that’s OK, too. We love meeting new candidates and understanding what they’re looking for in a potential career move. Relationships are the foundation of our business and it’s far better when you get to know us … well before a desirable role presents itself!

Whether you’re a ‘now’ or a ‘not yet’ candidate … if you’re planning on sending a generic, email filled with tedious buzzwords – respectfully, don’t waste your time.

Tell us what separates you from the hundreds of resumes we receive every week? Why are you looking … and what do you want? Summarize what you’ve done, why you’re awesome … and why our clients would take notice. What’s the remuneration package need to look like? Put forth a genuine effort … and we’ll notice. (or don’t … and we’ll notice that, too!)

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