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Your Story Matters, Too.

When it comes to landing the best candidates, the competition is fierce. Long gone are the days where companies can rely on their reputation as the key selling point.

Today, candidates need to understand why joining an organization is the right decision.

Match and Fable helps our clients tell their story.

We paint a picture to attract the best candidates and help manage their experience with your organization.

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Why Match and Fable

Why do clients call Match and Fable when they can post their role online – for free? Some job boards even guarantee ‘quality’ candidates, on the very first day!

Here’s why:

  • Thousands of candidates regularly browse a myriad of job boards.

  • A single posting engages a random sample, resembling the entire pool of job seekers.

  • This approach may work for entry-level roles, but if you’re hiring for critical positions – not so much.

Companies need candidates with uncommon attributes, who can also deliver results.  With the volume of job posts competing for attention, the odds of enticing the best talent is shockingly low. Not to mention, the most desirable candidates are absolutely not surfing job boards or career sites.

By and large, the majority of candidates engaging with a post will not fit the desired profile. Even so, we’ll bet dollars to donuts they’ll apply anyhow – and by the hundreds!

The time and effort spent engaging with incompatible candidates carries a hidden (and significant) cost.

Match and Fable eliminates the randomness.

We tell your story and deliver candidates who match your needs – precisely.


Match and Fable's Process


If a search is a priority for our client, it’s a priority for Match and Fable. From the moment we take on a search, the clock starts ticking.

We speak directly with the hiring leader and ask a lot of questions. We need to know the full story behind the vacancy as well as the opportunity we are endorsing.

Based on these details, we research the industry and its key players and tap into our vast network.

We never ‘post and pray’.

We actively headhunt potential candidates and storyboard the mandate.

Let’s be honest, salt looks a lot like sugar. Lack-luster candidates often have beautiful resumes, while A+ candidates may not have updated their resume in years!

Match and Fable looks ‘past the paper’ to validate qualifications and mine for intangibles. We probe for experience, question accomplishments, and truly get to know the person behind the resume.

Throughout the process, we stay in contact with client and candidate alike – keeping everyone actively engaged.

Lastly, while we may have great candidates ‘in the mix’, we won’t stop hunting, until you tell us to.

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