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ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE ($60,000 – $87,000)

Once upon a time, in ancient Rome, Emperor Claudius II decided that young men made better soldiers if they remained single. As such, marriage was strictly forbidden for ‘soldiers-to-be’.

In a quiet rebellion against the emperor's orders, and believing in the power of love, one priest continued to perform marriages for young couples in secret.


In time, the priest’s clandestine operation was discovered, and the emperor ordered he sentenced to death!


While awaiting execution in prison, the priest, named Valentine found an unexpected ally in the jailer's daughter. Sympathetic to the priest’s cause, the woman visited him regularly.


Legend has it that love bloomed in the most unlikely of places, and against all odds, Valentine fell in love with her. In the days before his execution, he penned her a heartfelt note expressing his feelings and signed it with the timeless phrase, "From your Valentine."


Valentine's tale didn't have a fairy-tale ending, as he was eventually put to death for his defiance. However, the legacy of his commitment to love and the enduring message of "From your Valentine" lived on.


In the fifth century, Pope Gelasius I officially declared February 14th as St. Valentine's Day – a day to honour the memory of the brave priest who dared to defy an emperor for the sake of love.


And so, the legacy of St. Valentine lives on, celebrated annually on February 14th, as people around the world exchange tokens of love and affection, inspired by a priest who believed in the power of love against all odds.

What does this have to do with Match and Fable’s latest role?

Nothing at all.


That said, while you’re here, Jeanne Agius is looking for an Inside Sales & Support Representative for our client in Richmond Hill. The successful candidate will be responsible for sales and sales support for North America. Responsibilities will include the execution of outbound phone calls, inbound phone calls, managing lead submissions as well as in person and virtual sales meetings with existing clients, prospects, and dealer sales representatives.





·       Collaborate with Sales Manager to develop and execute the sales strategy.

·       Support external sales team with all internal processes.

·       Ensure proper documentation has been received to include sales orders, BOL’s, contracts, titles, invoices, purchase orders, and insurance.

·       Communicate and manage delivery date expectations with clientele.  

·       Develop direct sales relationships with new & existing accounts via prospecting and inbound phone calls.

·       Occasionally represent the organization at industry functions and trade shows – across North America.

·       Utilize Sales Force to communicate, organize, and document your and the team’s efforts.

·       Learn and understand the connectivity between Sales, Operations, and Finance.




·       Post-secondary education.

·       2+ years of inside sales experience with track record of success

·       Excellent written and verbal communication skills to effectively work with employees and customers.

·       Familiarity with web-based applications (ie) Salesforce & MS Office Suite.

·       Ability to drive a car and possess a valid and current driver's license.

·       Willingness to travel overnight between ~10% of the time.




SALARY: $60,000 BONUS POTENTIAL: up to $27,000

OTE: $87,000 OTHER: benefits + rrsp + 3 weeks’ vacation



1: Email your resume to Jeanne Agius at;

2: Ensure subject line reads; ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE – 13B24MTCHFBL. 3: Based on the job description … tell Jeanne specifically … why you’re a fit for this role.


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