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In 1918, the U.S. postal service committed a blunder that's practically legendary – the Inverted Jenny. They printed a bunch of these stamps with an upside-down biplane. Remember, at the time, airplanes weren’t particularly widespread, making them unfamiliar to people. This led to the error of an upside-down plane, slipping through both inspectors and the post office clerk.

Fast forward to a recent auction where one of these bloopers, in almost perfect condition, sold for a whopping US$2 million! This stamp is the crown jewel of stamp blunders, with a grade of 95 on the perfection scale – just like the day it dodged out of the post office. So, this little oversight turned out to be a goldmine, proving that in the stamp world, mistakes make millions! What does this have to do with Match and Fable’s latest role?

Not much, really. That said, while we have your attention, Jeanne Agius is looking for an Operations Manager for our client’s security operations at Lester B. Pearson airport. The role involves strategic leadership, team management, and efficient service delivery.



· Oversee a large team, cultivating a high-performance culture and guiding operations to meet objectives.

· Focus on improving efficiencies via strategic initiatives, addressing deviations in KPI’s, and implementing cost-effective process improvements.

· Standardize procedures, oversee service delivery, and maintain strong client relationships.

· Regular reporting to enable continuous improvement and provide valuable insights to Sr. Management.

· Handle performance evaluations, staffing, and ensure compliance with policies and industry regulations.

· Issue resolution, coordination of security activities, equipment management + monitoring service quality.

· Contribute to maintaining the ISO 9001:2015 Quality System, foster positive labour relations, and support HR functions, including recruitment and training initiatives for the workforce.


· 3+ years’ management experience, preferably in security or customer service within airport -or- airline operations.

· Post-secondary education in a relevant field or equivalent industry experience.

· Experienced in managing a large, unionized workforce.

· 10+ years’ operations experience with a strong emphasis on metrics, including knowledge of KPIs + SLAs.

· Possession of a valid Ontario Security License – in good standing.

· Ability to obtain and maintain Transportation Security Clearance and a Toronto Pearson Airport RAIC.

· Flexibility to work rotating shifts, including nights, weekends, and holidays.

· Completion of all required initial and ongoing company training.

· Experience in airport and /or terminal operations.


SALARY: $90,000

OTHER: MBO potential + health benefits + vacation + free airport parking WHAT NOW?

1. Email your resume to Jeanne Agius;

2. Ensure the subject line reads; INVERTED JENNY – 27K23MTCHFBL

3. Based on the job description, please highlight how your experience could be a fit for this role.


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