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JAM OR JELLY? ($70,000 – $85,000)

Ah, the eternal fruity conundrum – jam, jelly, and marmalade.

Jam: Imagine your fruit is having a wild party, and things get a bit crazy. It's like a fruity mosh pit in there, with chunks and pulp having a blast. So, jam is basically the rock concert of fruit spreads – it's a party in a jar!

Jelly: Now, jelly is the neat freak of the bunch. Jelly’s the friend who insists on cleaning up after the party, leaving no trace of the fruit shenanigans. All you get is clear, smooth, fruit juice – no fruity ruckus allowed.

Marmalade: This is the eccentric artist in the trio. It's like your fruit decided to get all artsy and added bits of its own peel to the mix. It's the rebellious, slightly bitter, and delightfully zesty cousin at the breakfast table.

So, the next time you're enjoying your toast, remember … your fruit spread might just have a personality of its own!

What does this have to do with Match and Fable’s latest role?

Absolutely nothing!

That said, while you’re here, Mate Pavkovic’s newest legal client is a rapidly growing organization looking for a Legal Assistant (Commercial Litigation) in Toronto. POSITION: LEGAL ASSISTANT – COMMERCIAL LITIGATION LOCATION: TORONTO, ALBERTA INDUSTRY: LEGAL SERVICES


· Assist in preparing commercial litigation documents for various courts and tribunals.

· Manage critical deadlines and track important dates.

· Support the creation of legal documents, including employee handbooks and notices.

· Coordinate meetings, discoveries, and mediation.

· Maintain professional communication with clients and court offices.

· Handle administrative tasks, including accounting and file management.

· Manage a demanding calendar and make travel arrangements.

· Submit and track expenses. REQUIREMENTS

· 5+ years of commercial litigation experience.

· Familiarity with Caselines.

· Completion of a legal assistant or law clerk program.

· Proficiency in court procedures and Rules of Civil Procedure.

· Adaptability and ability to handle time pressure.

· Strong technical skills in MS Office and ACL.

REMUNERATION SALARY RANGE: $70,000 – $85,000 OTHER: benefits + vacation

INTERESTED? If so, there are 3 things we need from you;

1. Send your resume to Mate Pavkovic at

2. Ensure subject line of email reads; JAM OR JELLY – 1K23MTCHFBL

3. In a short email … tell Mate how you’re a fit for this position.


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