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In the 1940s, Swiss engineer, George de Mestral took his dog for a stroll in the woods. Little did he know the significance of this this stroll!

  As the pair ventured through the forest, they collected unwanted hitchhikers – pesky burrs that clung to their clothes and fur.


Instead of being frustrated, George's curiosity was piqued. He placed a burr under a microscope and discovered something extraordinary – tiny hooks that helped the burrs latch to surfaces.


Inspired by Mother Nature's clever design, George had a brilliant idea.

Why not create a fastening system mimicking these natural hooks and loops?


George tested different materials until he found the perfect match – nylon!

It was strong, durable, and made the hooks and loops cling together like best buddies at a party!


In 1955, George patented his invention, giving it a fun name: Velcro!

The name was a combination of the French words "velours" (velvet) and "crochet" (hook)!


What does this have to do with Match and Fable’s latest role?

Nothing really. That said, if you’re a Bilingual PR Account Manager in Toronto or Montreal – keep reading … and for more details, contact Jeanne Agius. POSITION:      BILINGUAL PR ACCOUNT MANAGER




Our client is an integrated communications agency based in Toronto. They specialize in brand strategy, PR, experiential marketing, digital, and social media. With a strong focus on passion, creativity, and client growth, the agency creates magical moments of cross-pollination across various lifestyle sectors. As a Bilingual PR Account Manager, you'll be an essential asset to their team. You will drive impactful communication strategies for their clients. This includes bringing brands to life through creative and emotional storytelling, building strong relationships, and achieving outstanding results. Your bilingual skills and strategic thinking are crucial for success in this role.

You'll collaborate with clients, their team, and external partners ensuring exceptional campaign outcomes. This position offers a platform to utilize your creativity, presentation skills, and project management expertise. If you're fluent in English and French, possess a minimum of 4+ years of agency experience, and have a passion for the fashion and beauty industry, we invite you to join them in Toronto or Montreal! RESPONSIBILITIES:


·       Develop & execute impactful PR strategies that resonate with target audiences.

·       Craft engaging content for press releases, pitches, articles, and more.

·       Cultivate strong media relationships and secure valuable coverage.

·       Monitor media landscape and industry trends to identify opportunities.

·       Ideate, manage, and execute paid and earned influencer campaigns.

·       Handle event management and logistics.

·       Generate comprehensive reports and insights to showcase campaign outcomes.

·       Collaborate with creative teams to ensure cohesive messaging.

·       Act as a trusted advisor to clients, providing strategic PR counsel.




·       Bachelor's degree in public relations, communications, or a related field.

·       4+ years of agency experience.

·       Showcase a strong track record of integrated PR campaigns in your portfolio.

·       Fluent (English and French).

·       Have an extensive network within the media and influencer landscape.

·       Excel in written and verbal communication, with keen attention to detail.

·       Constant creativity and adaptability to changing trends.

·       Manage deadlines and multitask effectively.

·       Possess a strong network, entrepreneurial mindset, or experience with entrepreneurs & community organizations.

·       Detail-oriented, organized, and data-driven.

·       Ideally, have experience in the public, not-for-profit, and/or finance sectors.

·       Valuable if you can connect with Gen Z and/or Millennial audiences in a B2B or entrepreneurial context.

·       Strong problem-solving skills and a commitment to positive outcomes.




SALARY: $65,000 – $75,000

OTHER: bonus potential + benefits + referral program + WFH Hybrid + vacation WHAT NOW? If you’re qualified for this role … the ball is in your court.


1: Email your resume to Jeanne Agius at;

2: Ensure subject line reads; MOTHER NATURE’S VELVET CROCHET – 9A24MTCHFBL

3: Based on the job description, explain how you are qualified for this role.



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