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NERD ($70,000 – $80,000)

In 1950, Dr. Seuss used the word "nerd" in his book "If I Ran the Zoo," possibly marking its earliest appearance in print. The book featured fantastical creatures like the "Nerkle," "Nerd," and "Seersucker." A year later, Newsweek highlighted the emergence of "nerd" as slang in Detroit, describing individuals once known as "drips" or "squares."

However, "nerd" didn't gain widespread written usage until the 1960s, when it became associated with socially inept yet intelligent individuals. It remains unclear whether Dr. Seuss directly inspired the term or if it had earlier origins. Dr. Seuss's portrayal of the Nerd character and its association with "squareness" might have contributed to its meaning. Some also speculate that the ventriloquist dummy Mortimer Snerd, created by Edgar Bergen, influenced the term due to Snerd's country bumpkin persona.

What does this have to do with Match and Fable’s latest role?

Nothing really.

That said, Mate Pavkovic’s client is looking for a Senior Real Estate Paralegal for our client’s firm in Alberta. We need to find a skilled and experienced Senior Real Estate Paralegal, specializing in private lender representation. This fully remote position (in Alberta) provides essential support for real estate transactions. This individual will ensure efficiency and precision in private lender representation.



· Review loan agreements, mortgage documents, and related legal papers for private lender transactions.

· Draft legal documents, including loan agreements and mortgage instructions for private lenders.

· Manage remote real estate transactions, ensuring legal compliance and client satisfaction.

· Communicate effectively with stakeholders through remote channels.

· Conduct due diligence remotely, including title searches and risk identification.

· Oversee remote closing processes and coordinate parties.

· Provide mentorship and support to junior paralegals and legal assistants remotely.

· Stay up-to-date on Alberta real estate law changes and provide accurate advice remotely.

· Maintain organized, confidential documentation for private lender representation.

· Collaborate remotely with team members using digital tools.

· Assist lawyers in other real estate matters as needed.


· Paralegal diploma/certificate.

· 5+ years of Alberta Real Estate Paralegal experience, with a specialization in private lender representation.

· In-depth knowledge of Alberta real estate law related to private lender transactions.

· Proficiency in legal software and databases.

· Strong organizational, time management, and attention to detail skills for remote work.

· Excellent communication and interpersonal skills for remote collaboration.

· Ability to work independently and proactively.

· Familiarity with Alberta land registration systems and procedures.

· Membership with the Alberta Legal Assistants Association (ALAA) – an asset.


SALARY: $70,000 – $80,000

OTHER: benefits + hybrid WFH flexibility WHAT NOW? If you’re qualified for this role … the ball is in your court.

1: Email your resume to Mate Pavkovic at;

2: Ensure the subject line reads; NERD – (25I23MTCHFBL)

3: Based on the job description … explain how you are a fit for this role.


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