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THE GREAT STORK DERBY OF TORONTO ($110,000 – $150,000)

On October 31, 1926, a wealthy Canadian lawyer named Charles Vance Millar, died. A 72-year-old bachelor with no children, Millar inserted an extremely unusual clause into his last will and testament. Ultimately, he bequeathed the bulk of his significant estate to the woman who would birth the most babies in Toronto, in the decade following his death. What followed was an unprecedented baby boom which came to be known as, the ‘Great Stork Derby of Toronto’!

It made headlines around the world, and in the end, four women received $125,000 each (the equivalent of $2 million dollars by today’s measure) for having nine children in that 10 year span!

What does this have to do with Match and Fable’s latest role?

Nothing really.

That said, Mate Pavkovic’s client is looking for a Real Estate lawyer for our client’s firm in Toronto. This individual must have a thorough understanding of Real Estate in Ontario.

SUMMARY: Our client, a growing Canadian law firm is looking for a real estate lawyer (licensed in Ontario) to join their team. The firm has experienced exponential growth due to their entrepreneurial and driven legal team.

The right candidate is a real estate lawyer with experience in a high-volume law firm.



· Manage residential real estate transactions from beginning to end

· Ensure great customer service – at all levels

· Manage real estate clerks and administrative staff to ensure clients are delighted with their experience

· Review all aspects of residential real estate transactions, including lender representation files


· 3+ years of real estate law experience

· Software: Experience with MS Office, Conveyancer / Unity, Teraview and PCLaw

· Strong interpersonal skills + ability to provide constructive feedback to drive company performance

· The ability to manage multiple priorities, simultaneously

· Excellent organizational and time management skills

· Highly resourceful with a solution-focused attitude


BASE SALARY: $100,000 – $125,000 BONUS POTENTIAL: 10% to 20% ON-TARGET EARNINGS: $110,000 – $150,000

OTHER: benefits + hybrid WFH flexibility WHAT NOW? If you’re qualified for this role … the ball is in your court.

1: Email your resume to Mate Pavkovic at;

2: Ensure subject line reads; THE GREAT STORK DERBY (30H23MTCHFBL)

3: Based on the job description … explain how you are a fit for this role.


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